Now is the time to invest in UK property Featured

With Sterling sliding, driven by the perceived Brexit confusion, this morning we saw Sterling standing at just over 1.10 against the Euro and approx 1.3 against the US Dollar. Now is the time for international investors to consider cashing in on the weak exchange rate to maximise their investment budgets.

The UK economy has not performed as badly as predicted, post Brexit, and the UK has seen positive export figures. This may be a short window of opportunity before Sterling inevitably bounces back. Added to this, the ongoing shortage of property that continues to drive up house prices and rental returns, is not going to end any time soon given the huge difference between the number of properties being constructed and the number of properties being recognised as being required.

London and the South East of England continue to be hot
, but as we have reported in earlier blogs there are other UK towns and Cities providing international investors with excellent returns. These include Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

So, I recommend you do the research and explore the opportunities as this could be the time to invest in the UK property market delivering great return, probably double digit, on your investment capital.


Author: James Strong, Investment Strategist