Ever thought about investing in Airport Parking? Featured

Not an obvious choice for an investment but just think about it. The number of people travelling by air is increasing all the time. Most people travel to the airport by car and they have to park somewhere and demand is outstripping supply.
Airport parking is allegedly worth globally over $12.5 billion annually, with most car parks in the UK operating at almost full capacity. Therefore, investing in airport parking is becoming an increasingly attractive and lucrative. Generally, they are viewed as a solid commercial proposition for an investment portfolio with a good yield on return and has shown its self to be the fastest growing sector in the buy to let market.

How does it work?

As the owner of the parking space/s, the space is registered in your name. Just the same as if you bought a house or flat. And just like any other real estate you receive a Title Deed which is registered with the national Land Registry.

But what returns can you expect?

For an investment of £25,000 for 1 parking space investors can expect a return of 8% pa (£2,000) over the first 2 years; 10% pa (£2,500) over years 3 and 4 and 12% pa (£3,000) over years 5 and 6.